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Licensed & Insured


Doing home repairs yourself may sometimes save you some money. Nevertheless, home care can often turn out to be much more involved than you might have budget for. Hiring JT Handyman in Bergen County to do the repairs for you is an ideal way to get your home in shape, often without spending as much as you would, if you were to hire a professional company to come in and do the work. JT Handyman Bergen County New Jersey can be hired for practically any task.

We deliver a full range of services to our customers at a very efficient cost and time.    1. Electrical jobs: Light fixtures and ceiling fans installations.  Repairs of old lamps.                        2. Plumbing jobs: Installation and repairs of faucets for kitchen and bathrooms as well as toilet repairs.                    3.Bathroom services: decor and detailed repairs after plumbing jobs and after flooding damages. Caulking and tile repairs.             4.Other known Repairs: Rods, mirrors, pictures, etc. installation. Drawer repairs, furniture assembly and TV wall mounting.


You may find that hiring the services of JT Handyman Bergen County New Jersey is the best course of action for you to take good care for your home repairs.




If you are using another handyman we both are losing money!


In short, hiring JT Handyman Bergen County NJ to do work around your home may be the ideal way to upgrade your home's interior and exterior on your terms. It may also save you a great deal of money.

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